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Our Core Team.

Experienced bold leaders who have mastered our brand of NLP, we call "Time Surfing"  We are highly trained in at least 3 to 5  areas in the pure application and Modelling with NLP. We have been together for at least 5 years in doing, creating and helping people with our Community Projects. 

Our Guest Trainers

Extraordinary experts from Europe, Asia, California, Maryland, Sweden, Colombia, Egypt, Denmark and many other exotic places from around the world. Professional Super Life and Super Love Coaches, mostly trained at Mind Valley, Growth Mindset, Sales Mastery, Purpose Coaching and solid  training in Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Highly experienced Super Life Coaches.

Our Creative NLP Apprentices

These are our brand new Time Surfer (NLP Apprentices) Their Program will be completed in 2024. They support our Programs and help new students become highly effective Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioners after 2 years of Apprenticeship. They also have the option to pursue the Master Practitioner after mastering the skills in the Time Dojo e-book. They will have accomplished reading a total of 25 to 50 essential NLP Books. They will also have an area of expertise such as Acting, Film Editing, Financial Planning,  Sales Closing, Real Estate Investing,  Creative Writing, Improvisational Theatre, Consulting,  NLP Modeling or Screenplay Writing if they choose to go into the "Hollywood Strategies Program." Their Objective is to complete the "Time Surfer" Certification and then advance to "NLP Master Practitioner" aka "Decoders Certification Program."

Meet the Team

These are the main instructors, mentors and traveling trainers who do most of the training for Time Advisors Coaching.




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