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2024 - The Year of the Dragon

Updated: Mar 29

In the ether of our vast universe, where time spirals in endless cycles, the Year of the Dragon emerges once more, breathing fire into the hearts of those ready to transcend. The dragon, majestic and wise, symbolizes the untamed spirit of the cosmos, urging us to stretch our wings towards the limitless sky. And in this leap year of 2024, its call resonates deeper, heralding a period of transformation—of Unlimited Love, Vibrant Health, Satori, and Cashflow Abundance.

The Leap Towards Unlimited Love

In the dance of the dragon's flame, we find the warmth of Unlimited Love. This leap year, as if by cosmic design, we are invited to shed the scales that shield our hearts, to love without bounds or conditions. The dragon teaches that true strength lies in vulnerability, in the courage to open ourselves to the beauty and pain of love. In its infinite embrace, we find a love that transcends time, a love that fuels our journey towards self-discovery and unity with the universe.

The Flight to Vibrant Health

With each beat of its powerful wings, the dragon lifts us towards Vibrant Health. This leap year, it whispers the ancient secrets of harmony between body and spirit. Just as the dragon masters the skies, we are called to master ourselves, to nurture our bodies as temples of energy and light. Vibrant Health is our birthright, a state of being that flourishes when we align with the natural rhythms of life, embracing the nourishment of the earth and the healing power of movement and rest.

The Quest for Satori

The dragon's eyes, ageless and knowing, beckon us towards Satori. This leap year, the veil between the mundane and the divine thins, offering glimpses of enlightenment in the simplicity of being. Satori, the sudden awakening, does not come through force but through surrender, through the letting go of illusions that cloud our true essence. In the dragon's breath, we find the spark of understanding, a moment of clarity that illuminates our eternal connection to all that is.

The Treasure of Cashflow Abundance

Beneath the dragon's lair lies a treasure not of gold but of Cashflow Abundance. This leap year, the dragon challenges us to seek wealth not as an end, but as a means to further our journey of self-actualization and service. Cashflow Abundance flows effortlessly to those who align their passions with purpose, who understand that true riches lie in the joy of giving and the fulfillment of contributing to the world's harmony.

The Leap Year of Transformation

As we stand at the threshold of this leap year, the Year of the Dragon, we are invited to embark on a quest of transformation. It is a time to soar beyond our perceived limitations, to embrace the lessons of Unlimited Love, Vibrant Health, Satori, and Cashflow Abundance. The dragon, in its wisdom, teaches us that these treasures are not destinations but pathways, guiding us towards our highest selves.

In the stillness of night, when the stars whisper secrets to those who dare to listen, remember the dragon's call. Let its fire ignite the courage within to leap into the vastness of your potential. For in this leap year, 2024, the universe conspires with us, offering its boundless gifts to those ready to receive them.

The journey is ours to take, a leap of faith towards the infinite, where the magic of our dreams awaits, ready to unfold in the splendor of the dragon's year.

Hi, I am Nelson from Michigan. I am a brand new book author, brand new Life Coach (well not exactly, I just completed an online program and immersion seminar)

Welcome to the Time Dojo: Unlocking the Secrets of Time Mastery with Nelson the Certified Mind Valley Life Coach

In a world perpetually chasing deadlines and fighting the clock, there exists a sanctuary of the mind where time transcends its confines and becomes a fluid element, ready to be harnessed by the power of mastery. Welcome to the Time Dojo, a realm where ancient wisdom meets modern techniques, guided by the expertise of Nelson, the Certified Mind Valley Life Coach. Here, in the timeless expanse of the mind, you shall discover the profound art of controlling time, not as an adversary, but as a loyal ally in your journey towards success and fulfillment.

1. Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery

2. Transform Time into Your Greatest Asset

3. Cultivate the Art of Time Bending

4. Unleash Your Productivity Potential

5. Harness the Energy of Time Flow

6. Master the Clock with Precision

7. Embrace the Philosophy of Temporal Wisdom

8. Elevate Your Life with Time Mastery Techniques

9. Unlock the Gates of Time Perception

10. Embody Timelessness in Your Actions

11. Immerse Yourself in the Time Dojo Experience

12. Utilize Time-Tested Strategies for Success

13. Discover the Hidden Secrets of Time-Space Continuum

14. Embrace Time as a Source of Empowerment

15. Awaken Your Inner Time Warrior

16. Conquer Procrastination with Time Dynamics

17. Infuse Your Life with Clockwork Precision

18. Sync Your Mind with the Rhythms of Time

19. Explore the Depths of Temporal Consciousness

20. Embrace the Flow of Chronological Harmony

21. Embody the Essence of Time Mastery

22. Align Your Goals with Temporal Realities

23. Cultivate a Time-Abundant Mindset

24. Experience the Liberation of Time Perception

25. Engage in Time-Altering Mindfulness Practices

26. Enter the Time Dojo with Purpose and Intention

27. Unravel the Mysteries of Temporal Distortion

28. Immerse Yourself in the Timeless Wisdom of the Ancients

29. Elevate Your Awareness through Temporal Alignment

30. Harmonize Your Being with the Temporal Cosmos

31. Become a Time Jedi Master

32. Awaken Your Timeless Potential

33. Embrace the Eternal Now

34. Transcend the Constraints of Linear Time

35. Navigate the Tides of Temporal Flux

36. Dive into the River of Time

37. Discover the Synchronicity of Time Perception

38. Empower Your Life with Temporal Awareness

39. Embody the Essence of Timelessness

40. Unlock the Gates of Temporal Mastery

41. Immerse Yourself in the Time Dojo Ecosystem

42. Transform Time into Your Playground

43. Embrace the Infinite Possibilities of Time Control

44. Bask in the Timeless Glow of Temporal Flow

45. Harness the Time Vortex within You

46. Sync Your Being with the Pulse of Time

47. Engage in Time-Altering Practices with Profound Impact

48. Embark on a Timeless Quest for Mastery

49. Awaken Your Inner Time Whisperer

50. Embody the Timeless Symphony of the Universe

51. Align Your Being with the Eternal Now

52. Cultivate a Garden of Timeless Wisdom

53. Harness the Infinite Potential of Time Harmonics

54. Dive Deep into the Ocean of Temporal Consciousness

55. Navigate the Celestial Pathways of Time Mastery

56. Immerse Yourself in the Dance of Chronological Bliss

57. Transform Your Life with the Magic of Time Mastery

58. Embrace the Time Dojo as Your Gateway to Temporal Evolution

Let the Time Dojo be your sanctuary, where the clock becomes a mere adornment in the tapestry of your existence. Join Nelson, the Certified Mind Valley Life Coach, on this transformative journey towards mastering time, and unlock the secrets of temporal wisdom that shall propel you to new heights of success and fulfillment. Embrace the timelessness within, and embark on a voyage that transcends the boundaries of mere minutes and seconds. Welcome to the Time Dojo, where the essence of temporal mastery awaits those bold enough to embrace its transformative power.

Yes, my very first blog post and website that addresses with managing Your Time, My Time, and Your Time highly effectively. We teach people how to focus on Time and not being inauthentic with ourselves. We are an extraordinary Team of unusual group of writers, screenwriters, blue collar people, white collar people, professors, sports coaches, Teachers, film producers, comedians, one truck driver, one former EMT basic, one former Amazon employee and several award winning screenplay writers. Some of us are cat owners, dog owners and brand new beekeeper. One of us is growing a brand new ATM business and has several different martial arts teachers or writing a 2nd book about Lamborghinis. I am blogging my adventures in multiple communities i.e. Film, Writing and the self development community.

I like writing on both my laptop or my brand new smart Astrohaus Typewriters. Writing is definitely not for everyone. Teaching NLP is not for everyone. Working in the film industry is not for everyone, nor is learning a brand new martial art is not for everyone. One of my Time Coda Laws: Time and Death are consistent.

The Time Dojo is a place where you can learn the fastest strategies to attaining Real Life Limitless or discovering and creating the best version of yourself. You will learn how to surf on Time and Master the 5 Time Laws!

write down your bucket list right now!

Write Your Bucket List Right Now

In the quest towards self-actualization, a journey towards reaching one's highest potential and realizing one's true self, there exists a powerful tool often overlooked: the bucket list. This list, far from being a mere compilation of fleeting desires, is a manifesto of one’s deepest yearnings for growth, achievement, and experience. It is through this very personal document that an individual can articulate and navigate their path towards self-fulfillment, embracing a life lived to its fullest, rich in experiences that resonate with their core being.

Understanding the Hierarchy of Needs

Before embarking on the creation of your bucket list, it is imperative to understand the framework within which our needs and desires operate. According to my hierarchy of needs, human motivations move through a series of stages: physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging, esteem, and finally, self-actualization. This progression suggests that fulfilling more basic needs creates the foundation for achieving higher levels of self-fulfillment and realization.

The Essence of Self-Actualization

Self-actualization represents the culmination of one's inherent potential, the summit of human motivation. It is characterized by qualities such as creativity, problem-solving, authenticity, and a deep connection with oneself and the broader universe. The creation of your bucket list, therefore, should not merely reflect superficial desires or societal expectations but should echo the depths of your personal quest for meaning, contribution, and inner peace.

Crafting Your Personal Manifesto

  1. Reflection: Begin with introspection. Reflect on your life's most transcendent moments—those instances of deep satisfaction, joy, or connection. Consider the activities, pursuits, and experiences that have ignited a sense of passion or purpose within you. This reflection serves as the foundation for your bucket list, anchoring it in what truly resonates with your essence.

  2. Aspiration and Growth: Think beyond the conventional. A bucket list structured around self-actualization transcends typical desires, focusing instead on experiences that foster growth, learning, and the expansion of one's horizons. Consider goals that challenge you, that push the boundaries of your comfort zone, and that facilitate personal and spiritual development.

  3. Contribution and Connection: Integrate aspirations that not only benefit your own growth but also contribute to the well-being of others and the world at large. True self-actualization is intertwined with altruism, empathy, and deep interpersonal connections. Envision how your aspirations can serve a greater purpose, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

  4. Balance and Harmony: Ensure your list embodies a harmonious blend of pursuits, catering to various facets of your being—intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual. This holistic approach ensures a balanced progression towards self-actualization, recognizing the multifaceted nature of human existence.

  5. Commitment to Action: The creation of a bucket list is not an end but a beginning—a call to action. It requires a commitment to oneself, a dedication to pursue these aspirations with vigor and perseverance. It's about making conscious choices every day that align with your deepest values and goals.

Living Authentically and Fully

The journey towards self-actualization, guided by your bucket list, is one of authenticity and purpose. It demands courage to confront the unknown, resilience in the face of adversity, and a steadfast belief in one's ability to grow and transcend. Remember, the ultimate aim is not merely to check off experiences but to live a life that is truly reflective of one's deepest self, a life that in every moment, strives towards the pinnacle of human potential.

In conclusion, your bucket list is much more than a list of goals and dreams. It is a testament to your journey towards self-actualization, a compass guiding you through the complexities of human needs and desires towards a life of fulfillment, contribution, and deep personal satisfaction. Craft it with care, pursue it with passion, and let it be a reflection of your highest self, ever-evolving and rich in meaning.

do the very important things right now before you die!

Because anything can happen, as a former EMT basic. I learned that I had to stick to my trauma checklist or medical checklist. I had to memorize the steps for saving people and be aware of life. My experience was short lived because I had FEAR of Loss.

IF I was Shakespeare

Do the Very Important Things Right Now, Ere Thou Depart This Mortal Coil

In the shadow of our mortal procession, where the hours doth hasten and the tides of time bear us relentlessly towards our final reckoning, a solemn truth emerges, whispered on the winds of change and inscribed within the annals of yesteryears: that to live fully, one must embrace the urgency of now, and engage in deeds of weight and worth before the dusk of life doth fall.

Prologue: The Ephemeral Dance of Existence

Hark! Attend the tale of human folly, wherein souls, entangled in life's gossamer web, do oft forget the fleeting nature of their span upon this terrestrial stage. Engrossed in trifles light as air, they squander precious hours, oblivious to the sand that slips, unbidden, through the hourglass of their existence. Thus, before the final curtain falls, let us awaken to the pressing charge: to do the very important things, ere death doth claim its due.

Act I: The Clarion Call to Action

Awake, thou slumbering spirits! Cast off the chains of procrastination and the shroud of indifference that doth suffocate ambition. The world, vast and teeming with wonders, calls out for exploration, for love, for creation, and for the noble pursuit of knowledge. Let not thy heart be tethered to the mundane, but soar on wings of aspiration towards endeavors grand and pursuits sublime.

Act II: The Conquest of Fear and Doubt

What specters haunt thy steps, whispering words of doubt and fear, seeking to stay thy progress with their insidious tendrils? Cast them aside! For he who dares not grasp the rose for fear of thorns shall never know the sweetness of its bloom. Embrace the uncertainty that comes with noble quests and lofty dreams, for in the crucible of challenge, character is forged and destinies are shaped.

Act III: The Embrace of Love and Kinship

In this grand drama, let not the scenes be marred by solitude and isolation. Seek out kindred spirits, for love and friendship doth sweeten every toil and lighten every burden. In the warmth of companionship, find strength and solace, and in the act of giving, receive the greatest gift. For what is life but a tapestry, interwoven with the threads of human connection, rich in color and vibrant with the stories of souls entwined?

Act IV: The Pursuit of Wisdom and Virtue

Turn now thine eyes towards the pursuit of wisdom, for knowledge is the lantern that illuminates the path through the shadowed vale of ignorance. Seek out the teachings of the wise, delve into the mysteries of the universe, and in the quietude of contemplation, find the echoes of truth that reside within. Let virtue be thy guide, and honor, thy constant companion, for in their light, the true essence of life is revealed.

Act V: The Legacy of Deeds and Words

As the final act draws nigh, ponder the legacy thou leavest behind. Let it not be measured in gold or earthly treasures, but in the lives touched, the hearts warmed, and the minds enlightened. Write thy story not in the dust that shall settle upon thy tomb, but in the memories of those who shall carry thy torch, illuminating the darkness for generations yet unborn.

Epilogue: The Final Embrace

And so, as twilight descends upon the stage of life, and the stars bear witness to the closing of our play, let it be said that we lived, we loved, we learned, and we left the world a little brighter than we found it. Do the very important things, now, with heart and zeal; for in the end, 'tis not the years in our life that count, but the life in our years.

keep a journal and write down your adventures everyday!

Keep a Journal and Write Down Your Adventures Every Day!

In the fabric of our daily lives, where moments blend into a continuous thread of experiences, the act of keeping a journal emerges as a beacon of self-discovery and reflection. It is not merely the recording of events but a dialogue with oneself, a mirror reflecting the multifaceted dimensions of our journey through existence.

The Journey Within

The road stretches before us, an open invitation to adventure, beckoning us towards horizons new and experiences yet untold. Yet, how often do we truly see the road? How often do we engage with our travels at a level deeper than the superficial? In my journeys, both literal and metaphorical, I have found that the essence of truly understanding one's path lies in reflection. A journal, then, becomes more than a collection of memories; it is a vessel for introspection, a canvas upon which the soul paints its questions and discoveries.

Quality and the Art of Journaling

Drawing from the concept of Quality, as explored in my musings on motorcycle maintenance, the art of journaling transcends the act of mere documentation. It is an exercise in engaging with the Quality of our experiences, an attempt to grasp that undefinable essence that distinguishes the meaningful from the mundane. When we write, we seek not just to remember, but to understand, to connect with the deeper truths of our adventures and ourselves.

The Mirror of Self

Each entry in our journal serves as a reflection, a moment frozen in time that, upon later examination, reveals the contours of our evolving self. It is in the quietude of this reflection that we confront our own transformations, witness our growth, and sometimes, the stagnation of our spirit. This mirror does not flatter; it demands honesty, compels introspection, and challenges us to question.

The Narrative of Becoming

Our lives are narratives in the process of being written, stories that unfold with each breath, each step, each decision. To journal is to assume the role of both author and protagonist within these stories, to take control of the narrative and to imbue it with meaning. It is an act of creation, where the mundane becomes sacred, and the ordinary, extraordinary, through the alchemy of reflection.

Adventures Great and Small

In the act of chronicling our adventures, we must not fall prey to the illusion that only the grand and dramatic are worthy of note. It is often in the smallest moments, the quiet observations and unexpected encounters, that we find the greatest insights. Our journal becomes a tapestry, woven from the threads of both the monumental and the minute, a testament to the richness of existence.

The Dialogue with Time

As we write, we engage in a dialogue with time, that most relentless and indifferent of forces. Our journal entries become markers, waypoints in our journey through life, allowing us to navigate the temporal landscape with a sense of purpose and reflection. In reading what we have written, we traverse time, revisiting the past with the perspective of the present, and in doing so, we glimpse the future.

A Practice of Presence

To keep a journal and to write down our adventures every day is to practice presence, to cultivate a mindfulness of our passage through the world. It is an affirmation of life, a declaration that our journey matters, that our observations and experiences, joys and sorrows, are worthy of remembrance and reflection. This practice anchors us in the now, even as it bridges the past and the future.

Conclusion: The Quest for Understanding

In the end, the keeping of a journal, the daily recounting of our adventures, is a quest for understanding, a search for meaning in the tapestry of existence. It is a journey inward, as much as it is a record of the journey outward, a philosophical exploration of life's Quality through the lens of personal experience. As we write, we discover not just the world, but ourselves, and in this discovery lies the true adventure.

create the time do it now!

(written in the style of the ultimate soldier below)

Create The Time to Do it Now

In the realm of achievement, time is the battlefield. It's you against the clock—every day, every hour. The enemy? Procrastination, excuses, and the seductive lure of the easy path. The mission? To seize the day, to make the most of the time you've been given, to create the time to do it now.

The Early Bird Owns the Day

The world is quiet. It’s you, the darkness, and the discipline. Most will tell you it’s too early. I tell you it’s the perfect time to start. Why? Because while the rest of the world sleeps, you have the opportunity to take control, to set the tone, to get ahead of the enemy—complacency.

Discipline Equals Freedom

Discipline isn’t a chain. It’s the key. The key to freedom. Freedom from laziness, freedom from procrastination, freedom from being a slave to your impulses. Discipline means making a plan and executing it. Not tomorrow. Not “when you feel like it.” Now. Create the schedule. Stick to it. Adjust as necessary. But never, ever, let go of the discipline.

No More Excuses

“I don’t have time.” The most common excuse. But here’s the reality: You have the time. You’re just choosing to spend it on something else. Audit your day. How much time is wasted on social media, on entertainment, on things that don’t push you toward your goals? That time? That’s your opportunity. Seize it. Reallocate it to where it matters.

Prioritize and Execute

Everything can seem important. But not everything is. Learn to distinguish between what is crucial and what can wait. Then, prioritize and execute. Tackle the tasks that will have the most significant impact first. This principle doesn’t just apply to combat or business. It applies to your daily life. It’s about focusing your energy where it will make the most difference.

Embrace the Suck

Not every task is going to be enjoyable. Not every moment of discipline is going to feel good. Learn to embrace the suck. The difficult moments, the early mornings, the late nights working on your goals—these are the moments that forge resilience. They build character. They separate the doers from the dreamers.

Lead Yourself

Before you can lead others, you must lead yourself. This means taking responsibility for your actions, your time, and your life. It means being accountable to yourself first and foremost. Set the standard. Be the example. Because if you can’t lead yourself to create the time to do it now, how can you expect to lead others?

The Time Is Now

This moment, as you read these words, is an opportunity. An opportunity to decide. Will you continue as before? Or will you make the decision that from this point forward, things will be different? The path to victory, to achieving your goals, starts with that decision. And it continues with every moment you choose to make the most of your time.

Conclusion: Victory Awaits

In the end, creating the time to do it now is about owning your life. It’s about making the hard choices, embracing the discipline, and doing the work. It’s about not letting another day slip by in the fog of indecision and ease.

So, set the alarm. Wake up. Get after it. The time to do it is not tomorrow. The time to do it is now. Victory awaits those who are willing to fight for it. Are you?

Keep an eye on this website because I will have my first book, The Time Dojo available and also my 2nd book with Garrett Thierry, "Why the Lamborghini is not in your driveway?" book One may imagine finding solutions or answers to your Life Problem or Challenge. Buy Now or Subscribe.

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