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The struggle of being ON TIME in the New Year 2024, The Year of the Dragon and dealing with death, losing a parent to stroke or any kind of loss, love relationship loss, and financial losses!

Updated: Jan 26

Hi, I am Nelson from Michigan. I am a brand new book author, brand new Life Coach (well not exactly, I just completed an online program and immersion seminar) Yes, my very first blog post and website that addresses with managing Your Time, My Time, and Your Time highly effectively. We teach people how to focus on Time and not being inauthentic with ourselves. We are an extraordinary Team of unusual group of writers, screenwriters, blue collar people, white collar people, professors, sports coaches, Teachers, film producers, comedians, one truck driver, one former EMT basic, one former Amazon employee and several award winning screenplay writers. Some of us are cat owners, dog owners and brand new beekeeper. One of us is growing a brand new ATM business and has several different martial arts teachers or writing a 2nd book about Lamborghinis. I am blogging my adventures in multiple communities i.e. Film, Writing and the self development community.

I like writing on both my laptop or my brand new smart Astrohaus Typewriters. Writing is definitely not for everyone. Teaching NLP is not for everyone. Working in the film industry is not for everyone, nor is learning a brand new martial art is not for everyone. One of my Time Coda Laws: Time and Death are consistent.

The Time Dojo is a place where you can learn the fastest strategies to attaining Real Life Limitless or discovering and creating the best version of yourself. You will learn how to surf on Time and the 5 Time Laws!

write down your bucket list right now!

Explore by doing prayers, meditations, guided meditations and/or complete the best online training programs available to you. Consider the possibility that everything you do might be short lived? Consider the possibility that you need to hire an Online Life Coach or a Super Love Coach? or a Uber Money Coach perhaps someone like me, a Time Advisor or Time Coach. One may imagine creating your best life now!

do the very important things right now before you die!

Because anything can happen, as a former EMT basic. I learned that I had to stick to my trauma checklist or medical checklist. I had to memorize the steps for saving people and be aware of life. My experience was short lived because I had FEAR of Loss.

keep a journal and write down your adventures everyday!

Because anything can happen, as a former Life Insurance agent. I learned to take action quickly before anything bad happens to people. I was very good at my time selling, and building beautiful relationships with communities.

create the time do it now!

Keep an eye on this website because I will have my first book, The Time Dojo available and also my 2nd book with Garrett Thierry, "Why the Lamborghini is not in your driveway?" book One may imagine finding solutions or answers to your Life Problem or Challenge. Buy Now or Subscribe.

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