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Welcome to Time Dojo, where we specialize in helping you create a new dream career in your passion, film acting, and screenplay writing. We also offer coaching for creating  successful love and sex soulmate long-term bonded relationships, money mindset as well as learn "time surfing" techniques to help you master a new mindset or perhaps increase your high performance in sports, get a promotion or maybe reach your highest potential.

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Top 10 Reasons to buy this book:

  1. Increased Productivity: The Time Dojo book will provide strategies to help you use your time more efficiently, enabling you to accomplish more tasks in less time.

  2. Stress Reduction: By learning to manage your time better, you can reduce the stress associated with deadlines and the feeling of being overwhelmed by tasks.

  3. Improved Decision-Making: Understanding time management laws can improve your ability to make quicker and more effective decisions by prioritizing tasks and reducing procrastination.

  4. Enhanced Work-Life Balance: Effective time management allows you to allocate time more judiciously between work and personal activities, improving overall life satisfaction.

  5. Better Goal Achievement: Time management books teach you how to set realistic goals, plan your steps wisely, and track your progress, increasing the likelihood of achieving your objectives.

  6. Increased Focus and Concentration: These books often offer
    techniques to enhance concentration, minimize distractions, and maintain focus over longer periods.

  7. Higher Quality of Work: With better time management, you can spend more time on tasks that matter, improving the quality of the work you produce.

  8. Learning from The NLP Expert: The Time Dojo book is written written by an NLP who has actively practiced these principles, providing you with tested and effective NLP strategies.

  9. Motivation and Inspiration: Reading about successful time laws and NLP techniques and stories can motivate you to implement these strategies in your own life right now.

  10. Long-Term Habits: Implementing time laws and NLP strategies can help you develop long-term habits that will continuously improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

Thank you for visiting my website, One may imagine buying my brand new book, The Time Dojo now.

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At Time Dojo, we are passionate about helping people transform their lives. Our  life coach and personal development mentor, Nelson Beltran is dedicated to guiding you on your journey towards success and fulfillment. He provides a supportive, rigorous and nurturing environment where you can discover your true potential and achieve your goals, dreams and live life by your design. You learn to reach pure self fulfillment, purpose, and happiness.

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Our Services

One-on-One Coaching via Telecoaching 


Our one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to help you overcome your personal obstacles and achieve your goals. We use a variety of proven techniques to help you develop the skills and mindset necessary to succeed in your chosen field.

  • Our coaching services also include:- Career development- Relationship coaching- Neuro-linguistic programming

In addition to our one-on-one coaching, we also offer a range of workshops designed to help you learn new skills and connect with like-minded individuals.

    Our workshops cover a variety of topics, including: - Acting - Screenplay writing - Short film production - Love and sex - Neuro-linguistic programming
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